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while i was in michigan these past couple of days, we went to an open mic night being hosted at a hookah bar. one of the poets spoke about his girlfriend and how he struggled to find ways to describe her that weren’t metaphors or similes that were already so used up and cliche (i.e. your eyes are like, your smile is like). i took it aas a challenge to all the writers in the room, and i tried my hand at it. plus, my boo has not been feeling good about himself lately and i cannot have that. i hope this makes him feel better ❤

I. his eyes are like the days i wake up instantly happy
II. his eyes are like the hope i nurse in humanity when i pick up old books, when i witness elderly love, when i listen to children speak
III. his eyes are like the relief dry and thirsty crops feel when rain finally ends a drought

I. his skin is like the threads of happiness i follow all day with my fingertips, joyous when they lead me to their final masterpiece
II. his skin is like way the sun feels on your back as you nestle belly-first into warm grains of sand
III. his skin is like an invitation to make music with the fine hairs that sprout and twine to protect their smooth and sensitive host

I. his smile is like the first gulp of air you take when you break the surface of the ocean you were drowning in
II. his smile is like when you get to close your eyes after having to stare at something until they ached and burned
III. his smile is like the way clean sheets feel when you wrap yourself up in them after a long day of hard work

V. his body possesses contours like gobi desert dunes that i get lost in when i touch them; in love with the way they move and feel
X. his voice is like when you rush your hand over a wheat field, like making wishes on dandelions, like rubbing suede between two fingers
V. his hands are like honesty, like trust, like promises
X. his embrace is like seeing angels in the middle of a battlefield
VI. his touch is like the way the wind whispers through the leaves of a willow tree
XII. his touch is like striking a match


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