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Today’s prompt is ‘Papercut’ so I will get started on that once I get home from cleaning my aunt’s huuge ranch-styled house.

Edit .01 : ‘Papercut’

He held his hands up, fingers riddled with band-aids, and offered a sheepish grin. Gemma gasped, “What have you done to yourself, Joe?”

“Papercuts,” he said, wiggling the bandaged digits. “Been sorting papers for hours.”

Gemma offered a sympathetic half-smile. “Those sting something fierce, don’t they?”

“Nah,” Joe responded, then with a slight hesitance, “Ok, they sting a little bit.”

“That’s what I thought.”


blah blah blah. I meant to go longer on this but I have a migraine and my stomach is upset. So I’m afraid I’m ending this one here. Besides, I hate papercuts.


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