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the method to this madness

This blog is going to be an attempt to get  me creatively writing again. My lofty goal is to write something every day from given prompts. I don’t know if I will succeed but I thought I would give it a try. My friend Tyler is also thinking of doing one so if she makes one I will link it :]

Edit .01 : First Prompt; ‘Lock’

Her mouth had been locked a long time, the fat chunk of metal piercing through the middle of her fleshy lips, the tears never diminishing from the creases of her eyes. Her hands gripped the window pane; fluttered across the thick green glass. Her pale cheek pressed to the wood of the shed where it gathered dust and dirt. In the night she moaned in the back of her throat, and it echoed behind her clenched teeth; she unfolded in the darkness and tried to give herself something to focus on besides the black and the cold and the biting, clamping lock. Day in and day out she watched the muted sunshine through the single window and heard birdsong creep through holes in the walls. Dishwater hair and irises the color of bracken began to waste during the eternity spent beneath the tin roof. Her dirty fingernails pried all the belief in her out through the veins in her wrists, and the skinny arms that once raised to pray now lowered to rifle in the mud; fingers dissecting earth worms and pulling wings off beetles.


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